Cover Reveal: Odd Man Rush


Why you will love this book:
🔥FFM/Poly Relationship
🔥Forced Proximity
🔥Friends to Lovers 
🔥Hockey Romance
🔥Spicy AF


When my best friend tells me she’s finally following her dreams and starting her own business, I couldn’t be happier. Since college, we’ve talked about creating a website where people of all types can feel free to be themselves and explore what turns them on. So when she asks me to run it with her, I’m all in.

Until she asks me to sleep with her and her husband, and post it on the website.

I’ve loved her my whole life, but she chose a different path to please her parents. A path that led her to her wonderful pro hockey husband. If I accept her offer, I’ll be her dirty secret all over again, and I don’t know if my heart can withstand it.

But when my apartment goes under construction, I’m stuck living with the two people I should be keeping my distance from. The forced proximity brings us closer in ways I never would’ve imagined, and I end up agreeing to their steamy proposition.

It’s supposed to be temporary—three weeks and then we go back to being just friends. But we were never really just friends, and now that we’ve started, I don’t know how we’ll be able to stop when it’s time for me to move back out.

No one can know about the things the three of us are doing. There’s too much at stake. But even though we’re careful to hide our identities, nothing stays hidden on the internet for long...


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