Book Review: Blood of my Heart


She's done with death, but death is not done with her...

With a dark prophecy looming over her head, Mora, a skilled thief, would do anything to break free from her fate. Anything, that is, except kill again…or love again.

But when tragedy strikes and truths are revealed, Mora is dragged into a truce with Vale’s most dangerous enemies: a notorious assassin and his mysterious companions. To make matters worse, Kallan, a Gilded Guard as aggravating as he is handsome, refuses to leave her side every step of the way. And growing connections risk not only their lives, but their hearts too.

Together, the unlikely companions must survive a vital quest to find a relic that could alter the course of history. All while Mora does everything in her power to outrun the evil that lives inside her.

With more than just her soul on the line, Mora must decide: Will she overcome her fate and become the light her grim world is praying for? Or is she doomed to be the darkest monster of them all?

Set in a gothic fantasy-scape, Blood of My Heart is the first volume of Book of the Death God, a trilogy of heart-wrenching romance, greedy gods, and dark magic. Perfect for fans of Nevernight and From Blood and Ash.

My Review

This book starts out with the action. Instantly, I got a good visual of who Mora is. She is a fighter, and she will fight until the bitter end. No matter how stacked the odds are against her. As she says, she picks her own side and no one else's. 

Where Kallan is concerned, I liked him a lot. It is his snarky attitude that had me laughing. He slowly worked his way past Mora's tough exterior. I did feel the slow burn romance between these two. It made better sense and felt more natural this way. Yet, it was not the main focal point of the story, so it did not distract. 

I found the pacing of this book to be really good. The only slow point was a bit in the beginning. Yet, I enjoyed this book a lot and can't wait to read book two and see if Kallan and Mora can survive the Shadow Court including Veres. He is turning out to be a wild card. 


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