Book Review: String Them Up


Beware the Puppet Master!

When Barker Davis wanders into Hollow Hills one day, blood-soaked from head to toe, the town immediately blames the deranged toymaker living in the woods nearby. But arresting the toymaker leads to more questions than answers.
The bloodbath has just begun.
It’s up to Sinclair Redman to pull the right strings, to unravel the mystery of what’s really behind the carnage before the bodies pile much higher.

Fans of Anabelle and Chucky will revel in this fast-paced small town horror novel. Perfect for fans of Grady Hendrix, Josh Malerman, Jonathan Janz, and Todd Keisling’s Devil’s Creek.

My Review

The storyline is what make this book for me. Cause if I am honest, the characters could have been anyone. I never fully embraced them. While, Sinclair is the main lead, what would have made me become endured to him would have been to have a little bit more of the backstory about his wife and child. It would have made me feel closer to him to feel the strong love that he had for them and why he was fighting so hard.

The creatures inhabiting the town of Hollow Hills are things of nightmares. You definitely would not want to encounter any of them up close; especially if you are a sinner. Beware as you will pay the price. This is a quick, scary read. One that you will want to add to your spooky Halloween reading list. 


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