Book Review: Coach's Pet


Tia- Life hasn't always been easy, but I've found who I am and I own it. College is supposed to be a fresh start, but there's one person standing in my way. My volleyball coach Laura Landrey. She makes me feel things I'm sure aren't real. It doesn't matter though because now that I want her, I'm going for it.

Laura- Coaching Volleyball at Groveton College has always been my dream. With eight championships under my belt, I run a tight ship. However, the second my eyes land on Tia Falcon, my world takes a turn. She brings things out in me that I'm not sure are right, but the second I taste her, all bets are off.

My Review

Wow. Talk about forbidden romance. Laura and Tia really brought the sizzle and steam. Laura/Coach uses her position to be the one that calls the shots. Tia is fine with being the submissive in the relationship.

I both was in awe and a bit fearful of Laura. The way she ordered Tia around was hot but at the same time there was that one scene where she was protecting Tia after an incident. In that scene she kind of made me think of Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction.

Looking for your next FF romance, look no further than this book. Coach's Pet is one spicy FF morsel of a read!


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