Book Review: Dark Desires


Will desire be their downfall?

I’m engaged to a woman who should be perfect for me. She’s smart, intelligent, and from a family that can bring huge expansion to my syndicate. There’s only one problem; it’s just a business arrangement. My fiancée loves another man, and I am falling head over heels for a woman who’s too young for me. I’ve got to shut it down before I’m in too deep and wreck the life I’ve been building up around me. But when she pursues me, desire pulls me toward her. Makes me want to worship her. Makes me need to possess her.

It was never supposed to happen. Falling for the brooding, tattooed, older man. When he turns up on my cam site, it’s only supposed to be a bit of fun. But his filthy mouth pulls me in to wanting more. Then he shows up in my real world, unavailable and aloof. I’m done always being second best, and never getting what I want. So, I set out to make him mine. Whether he likes it or not.

DARK DESIRES is a standalone mafia dark romance novel in a wider series of the McGowan Mafia Series. It can be enjoyed alone or alongside the other books in the series. It is set in Scotland amongst the crime syndicates of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

My Review

Looking for your next dark, age gap romance that will have you needing a cigarette and a cold shower afterwards, then, you need to pick up Dark Desires by Effie Campbell! This book had everything I craved...scorching hotness, touch her and d!e vibes, sexy main characters, and so much s#x. 

Once, I started reading, I truly could not stop. I was blazing through this book so fast. There are so many moments that I highlighted. You better stock up on annotating tabs. 

Valentina knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Logan's resolve is not as strong as he would like to hope it is where Valentina is concerned. The teasing from Valentina just added to the buildup. Logan and Valentina together!


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