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I had it all. A great life, my childhood best friend and a fiancé on track to becoming a detective. My life couldn’t have been more perfect - or so I thought. The day I walked in on my best friend and fiancé f*cking on our bed, I immediately fled the state. Fast forward a few years and I now live in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Little did I know when I settled down that my new community is being terrorized by a mysterious serial killer with a fixation on blood. If that wasn’t bad enough, I seem to have caught the attention of a gorgeous but dangerous man of his own rite. But really, what could go wrong?


The citizens of Santa Fe live in fear of an elusive murderer. The Blood Shadow. Funny thing is, they should be. I don’t just murder because of a personal vendetta or any arbitrary connection. No, the only thing you need to attract the attention of the Blood Shadow is blood. My one obsession, my only need. That is, until I stumble on a beautiful raven-haired goddess. I now have two hungers I need filled - one for blood and one for her. She’ll soon find out that there’s nowhere she can hide from me. The hunt is on and she will be mine.

*Please note, Bleed for Me is a DARK romance and contains topics that may be triggering for some including violence, death and sexual content. This book is 18+ and may not be suitable for all readers. Please visit the author's website for a full list of trigger warnings.

My Review

Looking for your next twisted romance read, then you will want to add this book to your list. In the beginning I was unsure how I felt about Mick. Yet, as the story progressed, I did come to like him. Which as far as the story goes, it gets darker and darker. Just how I like my "dark" romances. 

Paige may have started out as a victim but as the story went on, she changed and became a fighter. Mick could see this as well and it only fueled his love for her. As he says..."Paige has not only become my obsession, my desire. She has stolen my heart."

I look forward to reading more books from this author. Kitty has played to my black soul with Bleed for Me!


Mystica said…
A bit dark but I did like the opening . Thanks for the review.

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