Book Review: Spill the Sweet Tea

Some describe me as a quirky, free-spirited journalist who charges her crystals by moonlight.

They’re not wrong.

My instincts ensure I know everything that goes on in my small town. And not much surprises me. But when the man who destroyed my heart returns to care for his family’s business, I’m shaken to the core.

After our messy breakup, Hayden Shaw swore he’d never come back to Valentine, Texas.
Years later, I’m still trying to forget we ever existed.
Damn near impossible when he’s now everywhere.
A constant reminder of what could have been.

Rumors swirl about his true intentions, but a little gossip has never bothered me.
However, if winning over my heart is his end game, he can hang up his spurs because I won’t make the same mistake twice—or will I?

Spill the Sweet Tea is a second chance, hate-to-love you, grumpy/sunshine contemporary small-town southern romance with rom-com vibes and a happily ever after.

Each book in the Valentine Texas series is a stand-alone.

Warning: this romance book contains tons of southern sass, lots of woo-woo, and small-town gossip! Fade to black and cheating are not included.

My Review

First off let me say that I really enjoyed this book so much that I am going back to read the first one in this series. Even though, you don't have to read the books in order as each is meant as a stand-alone book. 

Hayden brings the grumpy vibes to this grumpy/sunshine story. However, it is hard to stay mad at him as he helps manages his parent's bookstore and is writing a book. There goes my wobbly knees and melting heart. 

Kinsley is my woman. I love that she was not deterred by Hayden's attitude. She slowly wore him down or was it vice versa. All I know is that when Hayden and Kinsley gave into their attraction for one another again, it was HOT. If you are looking for some spicy gossip that will have everyone talking, then, you need to pick up Spill the Sweet Tea by Lyra Parish!


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