Book Review: The Secrets of Jane

 “I’m a disciplined man, Jane. I can stay here for as long as you need before the lesson sinks in that you don’t run from me while in my charge.”

¤ ¤ ¤

My village is aflame, and a deadly legend becomes my captor.

I’m to appear before the most elite faction of mercenaries and warlords, commanded to answer for a crime they refuse to explain. Even if my only guess for why they want me is wrong, they cannot have me. I’ve sworn to never return to Skull’s Row, home to thieves and killers; the graveyard of my childhood.

He plans to unbury every memory until my soul is stripped bare: Soren, my captor, is strangely fascinated by me. By what I hide. Of the scars I have.

I’m unwillingly drawn to him. To his brutality. He harbors the same viciousness that coats my veins. He even seems persistent in taking me for himself…

He’ll either be my reckoning, or my undoing.

This Dark Fantasy Romance is a Duet full of foul language, sensual scenes, and improper bastards.

DUAL POV – his/her
Duet with a Guaranteed HEA

Content Warning 18+:
 This series contains explicit scenes (3.5 chili peppers), depictions of war, battle violence, abduction, graphic depiction of violence, drugging, and overall a very crude world.

My Review

I did really enjoy this book. Jane is a strong female protagonist. Which, you can never go wrong with an independent female lead. This made her a very good match to Soren. Even when Jane was trying to outwit him, he was still following right close behind. All this built up to angst. 

When Soren and Jane gave in to the chemistry, it was all "green light". They went from zero to I savored these spicy moments between them. Although, the sharp barbs they traded with each other was very entertaining as well. Yet, just when I thought I could not be more hooked, the author leaves me with a cliffhanger! Looking to fill up your day, then pick up a copy of The Secrets of Jane you won't regret it!


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