Book Review: The Ice Kiss


He’s the new hockey team captain
Also my roommate
And now my fake fiancé...

When I discover my boyfriend is cheating on me, I quit my job, and move to take up a role as the PR manager for a hockey team.
Only problem? There’s a mix up.
Now I’m stuck sharing a flat with the grumpy, hockey captain.
Worse? (or is that better?) there’s only one bed!
Even worse? My ex too has moved, as the captain of the rival team, ugh!
When my roomie realizes how much I want revenge he comes up with a plan.
He asks me to pose as his fake fiancée on his trip home.
In return I get to be seen with him, and show up my ex.
I’ve sworn off men, there’s no way I can fall for him.
But what happens when sparks fly?

This is a standalone roommates to lovers, fake relationship, one-bed, hockey romance with a possessive hero, a woman who doesn't hesitate to go toe-to-toe with him, and a champagne guzzling Great Dane who plays matchmaker by mistake. HEA guaranteed.

My Review

In the beginning, I was not much of a fan of Gio or Rick. Rick came off as a bit of a bully and Gio a bit too timid. In addition, that I was not feeling the chemistry between these two as strongly as well. Yet, as the story progressed, I did warm up to both Gio and Rick. 

As I got better acquainted with Rick and his story, I really liked him. The reason for the chemistry between Rick and Gio is because it is a very, slow burn. It took a long while before these two got intimate. 

The overall length of the book did seem a bit too long. The second half of the book went faster for me. Yet, I did like this book as the characters did have depth to them. Rick and Gio are like a cinnamon is comforting and delicious.


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