Book Review: Hidden Fears


....Finding home in a person never felt so thrilling...

“Well, that was unexpected. Kenneth Benson can f**k like an animal.”


I’ve made my living on building homes for others while never truly having one of my own. Getting the call for a project in Little Hope gives me just that—a little hope that I may find somewhere I love enough to set up roots.

But my hopes get crushed as obstacle after obstacle threatens my peace. From the bears and the locals that don’t trust newcomers, to the biggest, most annoying of them all: the local Sheriff.

A massive, sarcastic man with a hero complex the size of Maine itself.

Sheriff Benson wants the world to know he’s a proper gentleman, but I see right through him. His bark is large, but he doesn’t scare me. There’s a bad boy inside of him, just biding his time until he’s set free.


I like order. Rules. I like my town and my simple life. And I have those things.

Until a hurricane on heels speeds through my streets, shattering those to pieces.

She’s loud. She’s rude. She’s a city girl who doesn’t belong in this small town.

I just want her to leave me alone…

But why do I find that my life suddenly seems too quiet? Too boring?

He wanted peace, but he didn’t need it. All it took was her to show him.

This book is part of a series of interconnected standalones. This slow-burn, strangers-to-enemies-to-lovers, contemporary romance is filled with funny moments, steam, and finding home in each other. Each book contains a story about a different couple. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA.

TW: Strong language. Adult situations. 18+.

Author’s Note: Kenneth’s book is way lighter than the others in the series. But also, steamier. Enjoy the animal he can become.

My Review

OMG. I loved Josie and Kenneth's story so much. Josie is a spitfire. She definitely pushed all of Kenneth's buttons. It was very entertaining to see just how much Kenneth was willing to put up with Josie until he called her bluff. Oh, boy she released the lion out of his cage. 

Take this moment when Kenneth had enough and was ready to show Josie that he is not aways the "good" guy..."I watch him slowly moving toward me with the grace of a predator."

The "good" sheriff demands a "good" girl to obey him or deal with the "punishment". You could say that the scenes between Kenneth and Josie were some very spicy ones. Which, I am not surprised as Ariana always delivers the spice! 


Mystica said…
The author is new to me. Thanks for the review

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