Book Review: Paradise Entombed


“I have no doubt that Malin will be the death of me. Except I’ll never die. I’ll live in this nightmare forever as his prize.”

Princess Ezrah Varren has only ever wanted three things—freedom, adventure, and ship Captain Tristan Fontaine. For a while, she has them too, but a Varren can’t stay hidden for long. Coveted for her family’s golden hair and shimmering skin, Ezrah finds herself trapped in a landlocked country, forced to marry King Malin Varus, a powerful necromancer known for his unbridled cruelty.

Now, Ezrah must submit to his dark desires and learn what it takes to not only be Malin’s plaything, but his queen. Fortunately, this princess isn’t as innocent or as beautiful as she looks. Hidden beneath her family’s shimmering skin lies a terrible truth that might just be Malin’s undoing.

My Review

OMG. I absolutely was hooked on this story. I had a "hate" relationship with Malin for most of the story until the last third when the backstory was revealed of how Malin and Ezrah first met. Ooh, Malin, I despise you but love you at the same time. 

I felt for Ezrah from the very beginning. She was used as a pawn in the battle of wills. Yet, she still had fight in her. Loved that Ezrah never gave up no matter the dire situation she found herself in. 

That one scene in the crypt! Yes, please. I need the next book in this series. Loren enchanted me with this dark, gritty, spicy read!


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