Book Review: Winterblade


Cassidy Wright and her friends narrowly escaped Serenity's last round of deadly games and the riverside battle with her vampire minions that followed, but there's no time to lick their wounds and rejoice.

They need to hide the two fragments of the magical sword they recovered in a place where Serenity will never think to look and concoct a plan to rescue the remaining contestants before it's too late.

Unfortunately, their scheme to infiltrate the train hosting the new games goes awry. They find themselves stranded in the frigid wilderness, with their chances of successfully achieving either goal dwindling by the hour.

My Review

Cassidy, Bobbi, Cleo, and Owen and with the help of Benedict don't have much time to try and save the rest of the humans before they are all dead in Serenity's next game. This time the games take place on a train. This is one trip you don't want to book a ride on. 

While Serenity may be in charge, her reign is slipping as The Watchers, are starting to lose their confidence in her. Yet, Roman is shining in The Watchers's eyes. Cassidy better keep her guard up where Roman is concerned. 

Will Cassidy and her friends be able to stop Serenity once and for all?


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