Book Review: Bratva Queen



Queen Isabel has reigned for years as the leader of a criminal organization, commanding fear and
respect from all who know her.
She has a reputation for punishing those who cross her and rewarding those who serve her faithfully.
Her criminal empire stretches across the continent, making her one of the most powerful and dangerous figures in the underworld.
She may be known as the cruel bratva queen now, but I remember a time when she was still innocent and full of life.
For years, I have watched and guarded her from afar, longing to touch and hold her, yet remaining in the shadows to protect her.
She is a masterpiece, and I am her canvas. I am devoted to painting my life with her colors for as long as I can.
But the past has finally caught up with us, and time is no longer on our side. I can’t help but wonder if there will ever be a chance for us to be together.


He saved me from the brink of death, by the hands of my very own husband.
I had no choice but to marry that cruel and vile man, or risk losing my own life and that of my beloved Aleksei.
Aleksei was my protector, my savior, my one true love. My thoughts were consumed by him.
He became the reason I woke up each morning, the force that propelled me forward from my once pathetic existence.
I craved him like a drug, needing his touch to soothe my tired soul. He was the only thing that could make me feel complete, and I knew I had to have more.
But then he vanished without a trace, leaving no sign of his whereabouts and no word to be heard from him again.
If my husband discovered my survival, I shudder to think what he might have done to me or my boys.
So I decided to create my own underworld empire and abandon my former life, even my own sons, who also believed me to be dead.
That was years ago, and my sons have grown into men, with their own Bratva Kingdom and families to look after.
But my cover has been blown and I owe my boys an explanation. Will they ever accept me, forgive me?
Will I ever see my true love again?

My Review

As if I was not already a fan of Misty's writing. I became even more of a fan with this book. I both read this book fast but also took my time. This is because I was savoring every moment between Isabel and Aleksei. I respected Aleksei for his loyalty to Stepan and trying so hard to not overstep his bounds with Isabel. Yet, I also did not fault him for giving in to his desires when it came to Isabel. They shared an instantly and strong emotional and physical connection. 

This also helped in the fact that Stephan was not right for Isabel. While there are spicy scenes shared between Isabel and Aleksei, it is the emotional storytelling that I loved the most. No matter how many years passed, these two were always meant to be together. Bratva Queen is a must, spicy, and emotional read!


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