Book Review: Desire in his Blood


A monster wants her as his bride…and he will stop at nothing to claim her.

Gemma Hara is drowning under the weight of her father’s debts. Working herself to the bone, she knows that if she doesn’t pay them off in time, the sadistic creditors will take everything: their home, their respected name, and, worst of all, her two beautiful sisters.

To save her family, Gemma agrees to do something reckless: marry a wealthy and mysterious stranger, who offers her a wicked bargain she can’t afford to refuse.

However, his bargain comes with one terrifying catch. Because her husband-to-be is a Kylorr.

One of the most fearsome alien races in the Four Quadrants, the Kylorr are beastly monsters, all muscle and menace, with powerful wings, depraved cravings, and berserker-like rages. The worst part?

They survive on blood.

Cold and cruel, Azur of House Kaalium, the High Lord of Laras, demands Gemma as his blood bride. To feed from her. To use her body in whatever way he wishes. For paying off her family’s debts, he expects her complete submission.

What neither of them predicts is how his bite doesn’t bring pain—it fills Gemma with more exquisite pleasure than she’s ever known. And as she finds her footing on a strange new planet, the one thing Gemma thought she’d never surrender might be at risk after all.

Her heart.

Too bad her new husband can’t seem to decide if he wants to break it…or keep it forever.

My Review

I listened to the audio version of this book. If I am honest, I am glad that I did as I enjoyed the story better this way. In the beginning, the story did seem to move a bit too slowly for me and even I had some trouble staying focused on the narrators. Yet, as I got further into the story, it did pick up for me and I found myself engaging in the story and the characters. 

Azur won my over first and then Gemma. Once Gemma looked at Azur with desire is when the heat really built up. Those were some hot scenes. Azur does have a kind heart. Thus, the reason he is respected by all. His family is great, and I look forward to getting to know them all better with continuing this series. 


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