Book Review: Passion (is a Profit)


Jade and Damian turn up the heat, but she still isn’t ready to go steady.

Jade definitely loves fooling around with Damian, her own personal Red Flag Romeo. Whether it’s in his truck, on her couch, or in the back room of the bar during an afterparty, she can always count on him to deliver the very best in passion and pleasure.

But what Jade isn’t counting on is settling down. She likes being adventurous. Trying new things, and new people. Playing with toys she never knew existed. Getting doubled up by her coworkers. Or triple-played by the boys in the band.
Anything that pushes her limits, helps her discover what she likes, what she doesn’t, and what she absolutely will not stand for.

Unfortunately for Damian, this includes his sudden possessiveness. Especially since he seemed just fine with sharing her before.

With four months left in her year of get in, get on, get off, and get out , Jade needs to decide if she should ditch her plan… or ditch Damian.

** PASSION is the third in a five-book series of short stories and features MFF/MMF/MF and MFMM. Each book contains explicit WhyChoose/WhyNot consensual sexual encounters.

My Review

In this third book in this series, I have become fully invested in Jade and Damian. While I am all about Jade getting the most out of her year of freedom and exploration. I am so waiting for that moment when Jade and Damian finally admit that what they both desire is more than a casual fling. 

Although, I must admit that until that moment happens, Jade is having some very entertaining and memorable/unmemorable encounters. Welsey, please stay away from me. Haha. 

Warning: Remember to always shred the evidence when using the copy machine at work, when done playing!


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