Book Review: Beneath the Ice


Are you ready to fall in love with a Laker?

When Connor Morgan wants something, he goes after it and doesn’t stop until he gets it.

Enter Ella Henshaw.

She’s the love of his life. Beautiful. Loyal. He has their future all mapped out.

When Ella watches Connor take a nasty hit on the ice, she prays it isn’t going to ruin his final season with the Lakers.
Or compromise his shot at going pro.

He’s Lakeshore U’s favorite defenseman.
She’s everything he's ever wanted, and the only girl he wants by his side.

Can Ella help Connor find the strength and determination he needs to recover?

Or will she be unable to save him from slipping beneath the ice?

My Review

Ooh, my achy heart. I experienced a range of emotions reading Connor and Ella's story from love, heartache, angst, back to love. Right away, I instaloved Connor and Ella and their love story. They are a strong couple. It is nice that Connor was not afraid to show how strong his love for Ella runs. 

He is the rock and she the glue that bind them together. So, it made it all that much more emotional when Connor's hockey career was in jeopardy. I did not think it was possible but these two came out even stronger from the situation. I absolutely was blown away by this book. Thanks, L.A., for tearing my heart apart and mending it back together again.


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