Book Review: Haunted Field of Love


The Scarecrow doesn’t just walk at midnight. Don’t run little bird, he loves a good chase through the cornfield. Come a little closer and he just might steal your heart.

On the dark October Eve
The field ‘twas filled with many screams
Cries for help, rang o’re the corn
And the wind went whispering through the leaves
A smile crept across his lips
Love at first sight
Sealed with a bloody kiss

My Review

This is the second book I have read from Des, and I have to say that I absolutely loved this book. I forgot that this book is a duet. Which makes me even happier. Yet, if it was just one book, I would have been satisfied as well with how it ended. 

I may have found my new "monster" love obsession with Ajax. The pumpkins looking to Ajax as their master/daddy was cute. Yes, I know this story is supposed to me scary but cute can still be a good thing. Even through the pumpkins are killers, I still wanted to grab and hug them. 

Raven is just as sinister as Ajax. She was made for him. They make a great pair. So, looking forward to reading the conclusion to this duet. Haunted Field of Love is not to be missed!


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