Book Review: The Worst Story Ever Written


Hi. I’m Jayne. I know, plain human Jayne. But that’s not the story of my life. This book is.

It all started with a visit from the all-powerful Book Fairy. The very one that can turn the life of an author like me around.

It’s unfortunate we haven’t been on good terms. It’s even more unfortunate that when she finally deigns to visit me, it’s for murder. I mean, a murder. Damn articles, they really do make a difference.

Add in a kingdom on the brink of a breakdown and my fantasy lover, a vampire Prince who might just hate me, and things surely can’t get worse … right?

Warning: This has an inverse harem scene. If you don’t like group ceiling sex, this book might not be for you.

Actual Note: Mild profanity. This is a slow-burn romance with just the right amount of spiciness to feel comfortable reading on public transit, so long as you’re prepared to laugh out loud. Cliffhanger ending.

My Review

I was attracted to this book by the book title first and then the premise of the story. Don't let the book title fool you as this is a very good book. It is just what I needed to help me get out of my book slump. I found myself laughing numerous times. While, I have not seen the movie, the movie trailer for The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock is what I instantly thought of while reading this book. 

To be honest, Jayne is someone that would have been unrememberable if The Book Fairy had not recruited her to help solve a murder. Yet, Jayne shined and was able to shake off her self doubt along the way. It helped that Mr. Tall, Dark, and Lickable aka Prince Liam also found Jayne attractive. 

The case of characters introduced in this book were entertaining. There is Cyn, the vampire flirt and Rillian aka Rill, another human who helps Jayne to name a few. The Worst Story Ever Written is a joy ride read filled with entertaining characters!


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