Book Review: Unbound


When Harriet discovers her best friend in tears over a man who ghosted her, she decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. She's been burned way too many times to believe in love or happily ever after and knows exactly how the game works.

Men always want what they can't have.

The goal was simple. Make him fall in love with her then rip his heart out. But after one night, it's obvious walking away won't be as simple as she expected. Not that he knows that.

She has him right where she wants him, ruthlessly pursuing her–unable to get enough. But he's not the only one wanting something he can't have.

One thing's for certain... neither of them is ready for the casualties of the war.

My Review

What these two shared may have started out as revenge but it blossomed into so much more. Who knew that Harriet had it in her to be so wild. It was funny to watch Pacey be the one falling for Harriet. Pacey and Harriet's on again, off again, and finally on again for good relationship made for some intense chemistry. This book is one spicy, quick read! Not always a fan of the instaconnection but holy cow I could not fault Harriet and Pacey's connection. It was HOT.


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