Book Review: Burn It Down


There was a time in my life when I allowed myself too much. Too much booze, too much partying, just… too much. Four years ago I pulled myself away from it all, and have been living a life with very little indulgence since. But something about this gorgeous, sweet firefighter makes me want to give in to everything he has to offer. With the threat of a dangerous arsonist out there, it’s my job to stop them. When I discover he may be connected to it all, will we be able to survive? Or will our newly ignited relationship go up in flames?

I’m a man who needs control. The few times that I’ve allowed myself to let go, everything in my life began to spiral. The sexy and mysterious detective I’ve been lusting over for months makes me want to surrender all of that control to him. I know that by giving into our undeniable desires, it'll end with me alone and heartbroken. But it feels as if he's left me with no choice. So until the flames of our passion die down, I’m going to enjoy the burn.

My Review

I really enjoyed this book. It is more than just a MM romance. There is good depth in the characters and storyline. Tatum and Cooper could not be more different but when they were together, they were perfect for each other. 

Honestly, my favorite parts of this book were Tatum and Cooper's intimate scenes and interactions. They made me smile to see them happy as a couple. I could not get enough of them. Although, I do have to agree with another reader that I was not a fan of the nickname "baby boy". 


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