Book Review: The Book of Demons



Jack Kelly’s story continues as he finds new purpose in Kevin Moore’s thrilling conclusion to The Book of Souls duology. The Book of Demons (Books Fluent, Oct 11, 2022) takes Jack on a new adventure featuring new villains, but will he ever make it back to his 40-year-old self and return to his family?

When Mr. Philips discovers a powerful, cursed painting whose magic he can use for personal gain, he will stop at nothing to acquire it…including murder.

Before he can get his hands on it, the painting goes missing and its artist is found dead. Enraged, Mr. Philips vows to hunt it down. But someone else finds it first: Jack, a teenage mystic who understands the painting’s tremendous power and would do anything to keep Mr. Philips from harnessing it.

Along with two unexpected allies—a non-verbal autistic child and the spirit of a dead nun—Jack battles to keep the painting away from Mr. Philips. But as the stakes rise along with the body count, their epic battle for possession of the painting may cost Jack everything and everyone he loves.

For fans of Dark Matter, The Book of Demons will keep you at the edge of your seat and make you question everything you knew about Jack Kelly.

My Review

I was drawn to this book by the book cover. So much so that I really did not read the premise of this book. Thus, I did not realize that it was the conclusion in a duology. If I had read the first book it might have helped a little with my reading experience of this book. I only say a little as I went into this book thinking it was a standalone and still, I don’t think it would have changed my mind much.

What I personally struggled with is how slow this story was. It seemed like for about sixty percent of the story, there was not a lot of “big” moments happening. Just a lot of dialect. This is where if I had read the first book, I think my interest would have peaked. 

Yet, the latter part of this story Is where I got pulled in and very intrigued. The dark events that transpired is the reason that I wanted to read this book. I just wished that it had happened sooner, but I do understand why it did not. While, I may not have loved this book I would try another one from this author.


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