Book Review: His Pretty Little Queen


Clay Butcher is twice my age, the ruthless, controlling Don of the Cosa Nostra, and the man hunting my father.

He is my protector.
He took me in when I was an orphan—broken.
Spoils me, punishes me, and holds me accountable.
He is my everything.

Clay calls me his little deer, his queen, his sweet girl, but what am I besides his?

Can I really ever be his ally when I’m his enemy’s daughter? And when the time comes for him to take his bloody revenge, whose ashy grave will I stand on?

Can I be his pretty little queen?

His Pretty Little Queen needs to be read after His Pretty Little Burden and is part of The Kids of The District series. It has a happily ever after. It features a powerful Mafia Don, and his endearing tortured little heroine. His Pretty Little Burden has an age-gap dynamic that some people may find uncomfortable. It is an epic love story with word steam, violence, gore, and drama. Enjoy.

My Review

After reading His Pretty Little Burden, I have been so ready to read this conclusion to Clay and Fawn's story together. Well, I am very happy to report that Nicci did not let me down. Not that I even thought she would. If anything, she gave me so much more than I thought possible with these two. 

It has been great to see Fawn blooming into a woman. She has found her voice and that is thanks to Clay. He is very intimidating but when it came to Fawn, he was like a big, tough puppy dog. In other words, they both needed each other. To quote Fawn..."He's not the villain of my story".

Warning: If you don't like spicy, smutty books than turn around now and do not pass go. Yet, if you eat smut for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert than you definitely need to read His Pretty Little Burden and His Pretty Little Queen. 


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