Book Review: Of Flesh and Steel



Sergeant Blaise Carrington has been a sentinel on the Teaos wall for most of her adult life. A comfortable position despite her fear of heights. When Captain Kaiden Atherton recruits her for King Vaughn’s task force, Blaise will be forced to face the truth, which could shake her world into chaos.

The mission: Defeat the tyrant Queen of Balam, and prevent the release of her undead armies.

Newly appointed Captain Kaiden Atherton has trained his entire life for the mission, but when he meets the mysterious Sergeant Blaise, and senses her potential, he can’t help but get close to her. With the destruction of Crenitha and her three kingdoms, Kaiden is put to the ultimate test, and has to choose between loyalty to his king, and loyalty to her.
How will he choose?

Of Flesh and Steel is a fantasy romance with spice. Blaise and Kaiden love to get on each others nerves, but they also know when they need to work together. This novel has the "one bed" and "forced proximity" tropes.

My Review

I do enjoy reading scifi/futuristic books. This one has very engaging characters. Ones that I did enjoy getting to know. It felt like no one was a secondary character. So, the interactions were really good. As far as the romantic relationship between Kaiden and Blaise goes, it is steamy. I do like these two together. They are an enemies to lovers troupe. 

Their first meeting is not a "meet cute". They could not stand each other, and it showed in the sarcastic banter they had with one another in the beginning. This only added to the chemistry between them. Once they were together, you could feel that they really cared for each other. 

I will say my only complaint is that it did feel like the romance did take over for the first half of the story. The latter part of the story is where more of the action happened. Yet, I still really enjoyed this book and look forward to reading book two. 


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