Book Review: The Loyalties We Break


A few months ago, I would have said it’s one of my only redeeming traits. But now…
My best friend is in love with his girl, his ex girl. He’s determined to win her back at any cost and at first, I was happy for him.
I just didn’t know that I’d want her for myself, but I do.
Keeping my distance gets harder each time. She’s the one thing I can’t have, yet I can’t stop reaching for her.
They say the worst kind doesn’t come from your enemies but from those closest to you.

My Review

I became first introduced to author, Katelyn and her writing when I read Jagged Harts. That book was a really good slow burn romance. Yet, this newest release is smoking HOT! It is my favorite between the two books. 

Love that Erica was a bit of a tomboy. In this same breath she did not realize how desirable she truly was. This made the story even better as each guy showed Erica just how much she meant to each of them. Those are some sizzling scenes. In the end, the right guy got the girl. Which is the one that I was rooting for all along. 


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