Book Review: Rejected King


My village was burned to the ground by ruthless vampires, but they came for me. Dragged me to King Yakov's castle.
He gave me a year to serve him and earn my keep. Foolishly I accepted, only for the first touch of his cold, cruel fingers to reveal that I'm his mate.
But he's a sadistic ruler. I can't stand him, even if his obsession sets me aflame.
So I make the choice to reject him, and then flee.
Only, he chases me across the continent. Right to Death's door.
Where he says, "From the moment she first drew breath, she belonged to me." Now I'm stuck in his castle with three of his men and I can't help wondering if I left the den of one monster to trap myself inside another.

This is a DARK RH/why choose romance, heavy on the dark. If you are sensitive to any dark material, please do not read this book. I have the full list in the author's note in the beginning of the book and will also have it listed on my website. You are welcome to contact me on any social media platform for the specific list.

My Review

Looking for your next Why Choose romance then you need to read this book. Rejected King by Raven Woodward is a sinfully, tasty must read! I could not read this book fast enough. Readers of Nikki St. Crowe's Vicious Lost Boys series will love this book. As it is book one, it does end on a cliff hanger. I can't wait to read book two. 

Amethyst has a feisty spirit. A good thing as she needs it for the men she will love. They are Death and his men, Jagger, Cassius, and Archer. To pick a favorite would be an insult to all of them. Although, who knew that Death had a cheeky attitude. Amethyst is one very lucky woman. Not to be left out is Yakov, vampire king. He and Amethyst shared some "hot" moments as well. Yet, their relationship is more of a enemies to lovers one. 


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