Book Review: At a Dreamwalkers Mercy


From International Bestselling Author K.B. Barrett comes a short novella for the Halloween Season!

Behind the curtain of her dreams lies the secrets of Mercy’s mind.
Dream walking can be both a blessing and a curse.
Only her choices are not her own.
Her decisions are already made.
But he can save her.
If he can find her.
In his dreams, she waits, but nothing is ever what it seems.
Is it prophecies or fate?
Their life is put on hold until fate throws out her fickle hand.
Fate always loves a good twist.

My Review

So, when I heard that this book would be perfect for the Halloween season, I jumped to read a copy. Plus, I have read several other books by K.B. and really enjoyed those books. Sadly, this book did not give me all of the warm and fuzzy feelings that I normally get. What I was expecting with for this book to read more as a horror romance. It was more paranormal romance. Which I love paranormal romances but was in the mood for a horror romance. 

Additionally, I found myself really struggling in the beginning to connect to either Mercy or Garrett. So I was not really feeling the attraction between them. The story moved at a slower pace and did not seem to really pick up until about more than sixty percent of the story. Until than the romance between Mercy and Garrett was a slow burn one. 

However, the latter part of the story is where my interest did peak. I become more focused on the story and with Mercy and Garrett. The steam level rose quite considerably. The story all came together. 


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