Book Review: The Orc's Fated Mate


Madeline Jane
I thought breaking up with my fiancé during our romantic getaway would be the worst part of my day. It turned out I was very wrong. In an effort to get far away from that pitiful excuse of a man, I marched my cute, plaid-covered butt into the woods, only to be attacked by demonic-looking creatures in a magical realm.
I was saved, or abducted, depending on how you look at it, by a group of strong, green, kind of sexy monsters called Orcs. They led me to their tremendously scary, grumpy, and ready-to-mate chieftain, Brizor.
Did I need to get lost in the woods to find my happily ever after?.

The magic in our world was changing, and the real monsters were descending from the North. Being the village leader kept me focused and didn’t leave much time to think about my loneliness and longing for my fated mate. I knew the gods had the fiercest female, perhaps an Ogre or a rare female Orc, put aside somewhere for me.
However, the moment I caught the delicious scent of the luscious human, all my rational thoughts were gone. The female I expected no longer mattered. Nothing mattered besides the primal need to claim my sweet mate, protect her, and breed her until she never wants to leave my side.
Will the mating bond be enough to keep my delicate Madeline Jane on this side of the magical wall?

This story was first featured in the anthology, 
Into the Woods and is an extended novella. It is nearly double the original length. Check the author's Instagram for detailed CW. This spicy story is intended for mature readers.

My Review

If you are like me and looking to read monster romances, you need to check out this book. The Orc's Fated Mate by Elizabeth Austin is a sizzling, hot quickie read!

When I think of monster romances, I instantly imagine the standard ones of vampires, werewolves, fae, undead but orcs are not in that list. Well, I am happy to report that after reading this book, they will be in that list now. In fact, they may be my new favorite obsession. 

Brizor and Madeline were definitely steaming up the pages of this book. The first introduction between these two where Brizor was tearing Madeline's clothing off her...yes, please! Gimme me more. 


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