Book Review: Sometimes Love Ain't Enough


Bryn St. Jean is a brassy, vivacious, irreverent relationship columnist and online personality; a famous, pseudo-celebrity in her Southern college town.

Vivien Leigh Martin is that quiet, weird, smart girl you knew in high school, who knows she’ll never be able to live up to her namesake or her mother’s exacting standards.

But—and here’s the kicker—they’re the same person.

Vivien reinvented herself when she moved away to college, and she hides her insecurities under green hair and a louder-than-life persona. Bryn is living the college dream: a hot-as-sin hometown not-boyfriend, an off-campus apartment, and a roommate who does all the cooking.

But not all is what it seems. Even as Bryn, Vivien still feels the pressure to always be better. Be smarter. Be funnier. Get accepted to a prestigious journalism internship in Boston to start after she graduates.

Then she meets someone who wants to tear down her carefully constructed façade. At 6’6, with a ponytail and a poet’s heart, Tobias Doan makes Vivien feel—dare she say it—dainty. And worthy. And wanted.

But Tobias is going to make her choose. Between Bryn and Vivien. Between a painful past or a risky future.

Does Vivien have the courage to finally take her own advice?

My Review

Instantly, as soon as I started reading this book, I was immersed in the story. It is due to the characters. They were so enjoyable and people that I wanted to get to know. Vivien aka Bryn is someone that I think everyone can relate to in one way or another. 

While this story is about Bryn and Tobias, there is another person that I liked as well and that is Bryn's roommate Amera. She is the type of roommate that any woman would want. In addition, to the fact that she is a great friend. 

Tobias is such a gentleman. He has a very kind heart. I love how he never saw Bryn as anything more than a goddess. It is what is in the inside than the outside physical appearance that mattered the most to him. Luckily, when Bryn realized this all her insecurities went away. I thought J.L. did a wonderful job of making this book a very good body positive story. Sometimes Love Ain't Enough is more than enough as this book is a five-star recommended read!


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