Book Review: Angel of Ambition


Angela Hanson grew up poor in a world of despair. Toughened by rejection and disappointment, she vows to hide her fears and do whatever it takes to win the rich life of her dreams. Best-selling author Glenn Kaplan spans the globe in his new international thriller, following Angela’s meteoric rise among the power elite. From London to New York to super-yachts in the Caribbean, Angela plays a ruthless game of deception, betrayal and murder to try to win the ultimate prize.

My Review
I really did enjoy this book a lot. I could see this story playing out very well as a television series. Angela is a femme fatale. The most dangerous type of women. Anyone who is in her way will feel her wrath. 

The way that Angela "toyed" with her victims was actually genius. She showed that an ambitious woman when she sets her mind to a goal can achieve it or does, she? While Angela is playing by her own rules, there is another that is playing a game of their own as well. It than becomes a game of cat and mouse for a bit. I found myself reading numerous chapters at a time. Angel of Ambition is a thrill ride of suspense and intrigue!


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