Book Review: Tryst


Elizabeth Whitman’s father, James, is a well-known defense lawyer, representing some of the most powerful criminals in the city. His best friend, Vincenzo Falzone is one of the country’s most feared men and found himself unable to evade a five-year prison sentence. After gaining his freedom, he did his best to lay low but there was one problem.

Elizabeth returned home from college, only to be forced to work in her father’s office for the summer after an incident at school. She soon found herself in the presence of Vincenzo at the order of her own father. James has no idea his punishment will end up being the beginning of a dark secret.

A vacation at the end of the summer was supposed to be relaxing, but Vincenzo has other plans.

My Review

I knew that author, V.B. could write steamy books but this one was on a whole another level. I have anxiously awaiting reading this book for so long. Which I knew would be good, but it far exceeds my expectations. If you have never read an age gap book before, you will become converted after reading Tryst!

Vincenzo aka Vinny and Elizabeth were scorching hot! Every scene I had to reread several times over. I could not get enough of these scenes. So damn sexy. I never knew that I liked the name Vinny. Oh, and those times when he would speak in Italian. Reading Tryst is like eating potato chips, once you start you can't stop! Yes, I need James's story.

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