Book Review: Embracing the Darkness


What lurks in darkness cannot hide from the light.

Jasce Farone, previously known as the Angel of Death, has returned to Orilyon as commander of the Paladin Guard in hopes of locating his long-lost sister and settling down with his fiancée, Kenz. But now that peace has come to Pandaren, Queen Valeri is hosting the Gathering—a meeting of five kingdoms, and among those invited are the Vastanes, whose war crimes have not been forgotten. And though the rulers of each kingdom claim they want peace, ulterior motives hide in the shadows.

As the Gathering begins, lethal magic-hunting creatures terrorize the people, and Spectrals are reported missing. Jasce is forced to choose between the search for his sister and the survival of the kingdom he has sacrificed everything to save.

In this second installment of The Darkness Trilogy by award-winning author Cassie Sanchez, Jasce, Kenz, Kord, and Amycus return and are joined by a new cast of characters to battle political intrigue, foreign magic, and mystifying beasts. Jasce will need all his magic—and more—to defend those he loves, while resisting the familiar embrace of the Angel of Death, who demands blood at any cost.

My Review
It was great to revisit with Jasce formerly known as Azrael as well as Jasce's fiancé, Kenz and her brother Kord. Kenz and Kord played big parts in helping Jasce. So, I was very excited to hang with them again. If anything, these three make a great team and only grow stronger in this book. Plus, I really did enjoy seeing the new progression of Jasce and from where he started to where he is now as a person. 

The introduction of new characters was nice. They each played important parts in this book. Which is what I love about Cassie's writing. Each character is an important part of the story as well as the world building. The world building alone is amazing. Even non fantasy readers would love these books. There was never a dull moment. That I would find myself reading for long periods of time. Looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy. Embracing the Darkness by Cassie Sanchez is a rollercoaster, fantasy must read!


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