Book Review: Strip Tease: a Contemporary Romance Collection


Welcome to SinSations! Your desire is our command. But... beware. Everything comes with a price.

In Chicago there's only one place where the seedy underbelly of the city and the high-rollers meet, SinSations.

The women of SinSations have ruled the stage for years, the stories inside this collection follow their journey as they navigate the dangers and hazards of the job. Can they keep their hearts from getting involved when some clients push for more?

Find out in STRIP TEASE with stories by:

Delaney Dare
Poppy Flynn
KL Fast & M.K. Moore
Lorelei Reese
Ashley Amy
Misty Dawn
Debbie Hope
AJ Mullican, USA Today Bestselling Author
Finley Brown
Natasha Moore
Vivi Paige & Bonnie Kennedy
Whitnay Edes
Dove Priest
Beck Knight
Michele Mannon
Ambrose Cross

Grab it today before the final stage call.

Review for Run For Me by Delaney Dare

This novella of a story really got my interest. Delancey packs a steamy punch. One that is sure to get readers excited. I know it did for me that I am looking forward to reading the full-length continuation of Gianna and Ledger's story in The Saint. 

Speaking of Gianna and Ledger; I look forward to getting to know them both better. Gianna may be young, but she is feisty. Ledger is a hunter on the hunt and Gianna is his prey. From the few intimate scenes that were featured in this story, I know things will only escalate even more in The Saint. 


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