Book Review: Slashers & Secrets


Secrets are meant to be buried, until they aren't.

And Lakyn Ashford has the biggest secret of all.
She thought she could get away with it.
She should've known better.
I'd never allow her to escape so easily.
There is nothing more enjoyable than witnessing her crumble as I taunt her, trick her, and toy with her sanity.
Watching her fall apart is a game I'm destined to win.
I take my time with her, picking her apart, piece by piece, until she's at my mercy.
The smile behind my mask grows as she fears the slasher in Hellcrest Heights.
She pretends to be afraid of me, but at night, she falls to her knees as she bends to my will.
And I have only just begun.
I know Lakyn Ashford's biggest secret.
It's me.

Slashers & Secrets is a full-length novel and book one in a duet. This book contains mature language, themes, and content that may not be suitable for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.

My Review

When I learned about this book a few months ago. I could not wait to read. A.R has fast become an autoread author for me. As soon as a new book of her's comes out I have to read it. This one was no exception. I literally devoured it in one sitting. I was getting I Know What You Did Last Summer horror slasher film vibes. 

Talk about hyped up male testosterone. There was plenty of it. Although my favorite is "Him". Only because of the mystery surrounding his identity. Oh, and the very intense, hot moments between Him and Lakyn aka Baby Lake. Now that I have finished, I am left anxiously awaiting the next book. Slashers & Secrets is a must, must read!


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