Book Review: When I Met You


Broadway star Jazzy Summers doesn’t do showmances. The only thing she wants is to be the performer she’s been since she was a kid. And if that means she’s a bit of a loner, that’s okay by her. The work is her life.

Mateo Williams was the biggest pop sensation in the world fifteen years ago–until he wasn’t. When his third album flopped, the charismatic star mysteriously disappeared and was rarely seen again.

A chance meeting–and Mateo’s incredible smile–gives Jazzy butterflies. But when she learns more, she is quick to write him off. A workaholic like her and a slacker like him could never work.

And then they are cast as co-stars in a brand-new Broadway musical. Jazzy tries to remain professional. Mateo tries to remember his lines. But all of the secrets he’s keeping are hindering the work. Despite the undeniable chemistry between them, Jazzy’s patience is waning. As they fight toward opening night, tragedy strikes Mateo. And Jazzy realizes that friendships and a lifelong love do not have to be sacrificed. They might be everything she’s been working for.

My Review
This is a sweet and charming read by Avery Easton. Jazzy and Mateo are good together. For being a big star, Mateo is very down of earth. Jazzy like her name is very jazzy. She had an upbeat attitude despite the bad news she was dealt in the beginning. Her energy is infectious that I felt it while reading this book. 

Although Jazzy and Mateo's attraction to one another was kind of instant, they did not jump on it right away. They were more of a slow burn romance. Yet, worth it in the end. All of the musical references spread throughout this book was fun. Another fun is Jazzy's friend, Simone. The things she would say would have me laughing. The only downside I had to this book is that it did seem to take me a long while to find an emotional connection to the characters and the story. At the halfway point finding myself that I was not retaining information, I put the book down and later came back to it and started over. The second time was the charm. 


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