Book Review: Gold In Locks


She trespassed into our world, innocent and vulnerable.
She doesn’t belong here, but that won’t stop us from claiming her.
We will lock her away in our mountain cabin, hidden deep in the forest.
She’ll be compelled to obey and serve our darkest desires.
Our beautiful golden-haired captive will learn to love the chains which bind her to us.

Three brothers, each more beastly than the last.
There will be no escape from this twisted fairytale.
For there are three villains in this story.
And in this ending… she is ours.

*This is a standalone, Why Choose, Dark Romance. Proceed with caution with this fairytale because there isn’t just one villain… there are three.

My Review

Hello. This dark fairytale remix, Gold in Locks by Alta is sizzling! Thank you Alta I will never look at Goldie Locks and the Three Bears story the same way again. As Goldie learned why choose between three men when you can have them all. 

To be honest out of the three brothers, Rye, Jay and Banks, I honestly would have a hard time picking a favorite. They each won me over in their own way. I loved their take charge, masculine personas. Each intimate scene was hotter than the next. 

I could not get enough of the three brothers and Goldie. Once I started reading, I could not stop or would not stop if I wanted to. In fact, I finished this book in a matter of a few hours. Gold in Locks is a five-star recommended, spicy read from me!


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