When the Night Whispers

Jocelyn and her daughter, Mikela more back into Jocelyn mother’s house. In the basement, Jocelyn finds an old journal written by her great-grandmother, Caprice. The story goes that Caprice fell in love with a mysterious man and left her husband and child behind.

Jocelyn and Mikela have a new neighbor. His name is Asa. Jocelyn’s friend, Luna does not like Asa. She gets bad vibes from him. So much so that Luna warns Jocelyn about Asa. Jocelyn brushes Luna’s concern aside. This will turn out to be a bad mistake for Jocelyn.

I wanted to read this book after I read the summary. It had my interest. I like a good gothic story. There is something about a gothic story that is different from paranormal. When I think of paranormal, I think of more magic but a gothic tale is haunting and might give you a few chills along the way. While I did not get chills reading this book, I was memorized by it.

Asa is definitely the tall, dark, and mysterious type. The type that does spell trouble with a capital “T”. I found his voice more powerful when he spoke during his moments in the book. As the story progressed, I found myself shielding away from Asa. He is evil. Jocelyn did not measure up as strongly to Asa’s character. She felt weak. Even Jocelyn’s dead great-grandmother, nana, and mother had stronger voices. I would have liked to have seen Luna and her mother more in this book. They were interesting. The way this story ended does lead on that there may be another book. Hopefully there will be another one and then Luna can make a better appearance.


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