The Hangman's Replacement: Sprout of Disruption

Abel Muranda can not pay the bus fare to get from Gwenzi to Harare. So he makes his way on foot the long fifteen hours. Abel is applying for the new hangman position. Yep, you heard me right...hangman, executor, grim ripper, death dealer, etc. I never gave much thought into how someone got hired for his position until now. I can imagine the interview process would be awkward. For example, what do you ask a potential candidate? It is not as if you can really make small talk and ask about the weather. Or “Hey, so how many people have you killed?” Or maybe “I hear that hanging is more your style.”

I quickly grew attached to Abel. He had a kind and gentle soul. Everything that he did, he did for his family. I got way more then I bargained for with this book. I was expecting to read just about a hangman but got more. This book then quickly took a curve into some sci-fi like thriller stuff. I was hooked. As the story progressed I got more drawn into this book. There were only a time of two at the beginning that I did have to rush the story along to make it read faster but otherwise a good book. Readers will enjoy this book and the many more that comes after book one. The Hangman’s Replacement is worth your time and money!

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