The Comfort of Lies is a book that will have you talking about it in a good way.

Tia was seeing a married man named Nathan. That is until Tia told him that she was pregnant with his child. Nathan told Tia to take care of the situation but that he was not leaving his family. Tia gives birth to a baby girl. She gives her up for adoption. Juliette is the wife of Nathan. She has a happy family with Nathan and her two boys. Everything is perfect. That is until Nathan breaks the news that he had an affair. Caroline and Peter adopt Tia’s baby and name her Savannah. Although to Tia she will always be known in her heart as Honor. Tia, Juliette, and Caroline are about to see how one little girl can connect all three of their lives together.

I first got my taste of Mrs. Meyers when I read The Murderer’s Daughter. I instantly fell in love with that book. So when I say Mrs. Meyers had a new book releasing, I had to check it out. This book is definitely character driven. I loved to hate some of the characters. Caroline for example. I thought that she was mean towards Savannah in the beginning and selfish. It was like she did not want to be bothered with having a child in her life. Caroline’s husband, Peter on the other hand was a great father. Another person that I felt got on my nerves at times was Juliette.

I could side with her for what she was going through and the feelings she had towards Nathan and Savannah. However, on the other hand I did feel like Juliette took things a bit far with her obsession involving Savannah. Tia did learn just how right her mother was as she struggled with her decision to give up Honor. This book is a quick read. The Comfort of Lies is a book that will have you talking about it in a good way. This book will also have you suggesting it to your friends to read.


Mary (Bookfan) said…
I wasn't able to accept the review copy when offered but your review has made me want to read it down the road. It sounds really good!

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