Touch&Go is a thrill ride that will have you passing the time away in a good way.

The Denbe family are a good family. They live a normal life. Justin and Libby Denbe return home from a night out to find their front door unlocked. Before they can comprehend what is happening, Justin and Libby are attacked. The last thing Libby sees before passing out from being tased is her daughter, Ashlyn screaming.

Tessa Leoni is now an investigator for Northledge Investigations. Denbe Construction hired Tessa’s company to investigate the kidnapping of the Denbe family. Tessa realizes that there has to be more to the story then just a normal kidnapping. What dark secrets are the Denbe family hiding?

It has been several books since I have read one from author, Lisa Gardner. So when I saw Touch&Go, I thought now is a good time to pick up this book. While, I would say there were no real secrets or twists, I still had a good time reading this book. It was a really, quick read. The only downfall I had with this book was that I found the detectives story as they tried to piece together the investigation to be boring some and it moved along slowly. In fact, after a while, I would skip some of these chapters and go straight to the ones involving the Denbe family. Libby Denbe turned out to be a person that I could connect with. She started out weak but as the story progressed, she got stronger. The ending went by quickly but was tied up nicely. I enjoyed how it ended. Touch&Go is a thrill ride that will have you passing the time away in a good way.


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