House of Cobwebs

Review by Nancy

If frightening bookcovers make you think twice about reading a book you might want to close your eyes until this is begun. House of Cobwebs is a terrifying novel about a little girl whose whole family has been killed and the child psychiatrist who tries to help her. Judith Thomas has (if you’ll pardon the pun) woven the web of an exceptional journey into the minds of children who are “challenged” in that they all have a few things in common. Mostly bad things.

When Winter Fremont meets the Harris family she is immediately put off by Neema, the oldest. She can see into the child’s mine and what she finds isn’t pleasant. But the father is so hoping that Winter will find nothing wrong with his baby girl that she agrees to see Neema for a few sessions.

Inspector Len Axton is assigned the case in a station house where doing anything is considered absurd. He is surrounded by idiots. One is in love with him, one hates women and nearly everyone else, the commander resembles Hitler in word and actions. Commander wants answers and now – with no tainting of the psychic in the files. A little hard to do but Len promises to try.

What follows is a seriously twisted tale of murder, spiders (do not ask!) and a little girl. You won’t believe the ending (it sure caught me off guard!) and will be thinking about for quite some time.


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