Hey Don't Forget the Sunscreen and Why you should Laugh

Review by Aspen, age 10

"Hey! Don't Forget The Sunscreen!" Is a really helpful book for kids to learn about the importance of sunscreen. It was nice that the story wasn't trying to scare kids but just to inform them. The pictures were so bright and I liked them a lot. If you read this book you will learn about the different kinds of skin cancer and how you can protect yourself. Thanks for shading this helpful information with kids!

Book Summary

Hey! Don’t Forget The Sunscreen helps parents to gently instruct children of the grave dangers of unprotected sun exposure while stressing the importance of of vitamin D.Author Kim Kennedy encourages families to take sun exposure seriously in order to avoid the consequences that so many have tragically suffered.She hopes that providing children with the knowledge needed for ultraviolet ray protection will better equip future generations of parents and children to be more proactive and prepared. Teach your children to effectively incorporate vitamin D into their diets , dress appropriately for sun exposure, and take other preventative measures to preserve the health of their skin.Hey! Don’t Forget The Sunscreen Would serve as a great edition to any family’s home or elementary school’s library!

Review by Aspen, age 10

The book "Why you Should Laugh Three Times a Day" is full of smiles. "You choose to feel grumpy or are you going to laugh with me. " I liked the different poems in this book because they are all cheerful and even silly. I read this book to my little sister and she really liked it and said its "fun"! This is a little book I see myself reading over and over again.

Book Summary
Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day is wonderful rhyming book for kids of any age. It consist of seven uplifting and positive poems sure to tickle the imagination and make you giggle a little too! This book has a unique feature, it comes with a free audio download. Now this book has become a work station that any teacher can use in a classroom , or a parent can play the book while traveling with the family. This book encourages you to laugh , make better choices and even tells of a dog named Lefty who likes spaghetti and can also play the piano! Why You Should Laugh Three Times a Day, is sure to make you do just that!


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