Fight Song

Bob Coffen has been an employee at Dumper Games for ten years. His boss is ten years his junior. Bob is presented with a clock for his all his years as an employee. The engraving on the clock has his name wrong…It says Robert Coffen. Bob is just Bob not Robert. Even his own boss does not know his name.

On his way home, Bob is run off the road on his bicycle by his neighbor, Nicholas Schumann. Schumann is a douche bag. At if things are any better at home. Bob’s son plays violent video games and his wife, Jane is worried about one thing. Training to be a world champion in treading water.

To be honest, I really wanted to stick this book out as I had read other peoples thoughts on this book and they all liked it a lot. Unfortunately this book was not for me. Right from the get go. I found Bob’s family to be annoying. His neighbor is a jerk. Bob to be such a punching bag. I know this was about Bob finding himself and growing as a person and getting a back bone but I was so turned off by everyone else that I did not care if Bob had a happy ending. At the same time, I do count the fact that I did not like the characters as a good thing. It meant that they were fully dimensional and not just one sided. I wished that I could have stuck this book out but just could not.

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