Goodnight Brian by Steven Manchester is a must, must read!

It is the year 1976.

Frank and Joan Mauretti have a baby boy named Brian Francis Mauretti. All seems well for a while. That is until Joan fears something is wrong with Brian. She takes Brian to the doctor. The doctor tells Joan Brian is probably just having some digestive problems and to try soy based milk. Joan does until Brian does not seem to be getting better but worse. She takes Brian to Dr. Alexander.

Dr. Alexander initially diagnoses Brian with Bartter’s Syndrome. However Dr. Alexander still has his suspicions and researches some more. Finally he informs the family that Brian has metabolic alkalosis. This disorder is caused by a lack of chloride or sodium that causes a baby to have difficulty digesting food and thus the lack of weight gain. The source of the disorder is the soy milk that Brian consumed. The doctor tells the Mauretti family that Brian will never walk, talk, or be a normal child. Joan’s mother hearing the news does not believe this and will not give up that Brian will not grow up to be a normal person.

Goodnight Brian by Steven Manchester is a must, must read! Yes, I did say must twice. This is because this book should not be missed. I read this book on my computer and I had to force myself to take a break. Of course not a long break. I really bonded with the Mauretti family and Mama. The way the whole family pulled together to teach Brian how to talk was heart warming. It was hard not to fall in love with Brian. He was great and his innocence is what made me fall for him. This story is so endearing I dare you not to cry at the end. I did not want to say “Goodnight Brian” as this meant the end of this book.


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