The Gin Lovers is a must read. No matter what era you are in.

Charlotte and William are about to have a new house guest. William’s sister, Mae. Unfortunately, Mae is a wild child and William does not like this. He tasks his wife, Charlotte into watching Mae. It is not long before Charlotte is intrigued by Mae and her short dresses and red lipstick. After Charlotte catches Mae sneaking out a few times to see her girlfriend, Fiona; Charlotte jumps into Mae’s world with both feet.

It is in this world that Charlotte meets Jake. Jake is a bartender at a underground club.

I have not read anything from Jamie Brenner or under her pen name Logan Belle. Jamie made me really fall in love with the Victorian era with The Gin Lovers. I flew through this book. This was a good thing as this book is really a combination of books 1 through 6.

The characters and the story came alive. It was like I was transported back in time and could taste the alcohol that was being poured, hear the music that was playing, and felt adventurous with the short dress and red lipstick.

So glad that Charlotte turned out to be fun and not a bore. The more and more that each story progressed, she got stronger. Because Charlotte’s husband was such a jerk, I did not feel bad that she and Jake hooked up. Mae was another person that I liked. However, her clinginess to Fiona got old after a while.

The Gin Lovers is a must read. No matter what era you are in.


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