Infected is a steal of a deal that you can not pass up

Dr. Lewis Deleon and Dr. Richard Phoenix have invented the Gilgazyme inhaler. It promises to keep your youth. So you have a choice to make…inhale Gilgazyme or take your chances. Beware as whichever choice you make could be your last one.

Infected (Click Your Poison) by James Schannep brings back fond memories for me. I can remember sitting in the library floor in front of the choose your own adventure section just engrossed in reading the book and hoping that I chose the right path. Well I can tell you that I definitely made the right choice in reading Infected. This book is freaking awesome. I had a total blast reading this book. I like that it was a click your poison style of book. It made the book not just entertaining but interactive.

There were so many possibilities to how this book would end that each time I sat down to read it, I never got the same ending. Warning as this book is high addictive and could turn you into a zombie from the lack of food as you are glued to your computer screen. Infected is a steal of a deal that you can not pass up. I hope to see more click your poison books from Mr. Schannep.


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