Once Upon a Castle

Review by Nancy

1939 in Britain brought the war home with a vengeance and many London children were either sent to the country to stay with relatives or unknown families who volunteered to take them in. Among these are Tom and Mary Lovell, 12-yr old twins sent to live with their Aunt Victoria and Uncle Leslie.

Vicky and Uncle Leslie run a huge farm and don’t have a lot of time to spend with the kids so they find their own entertainment. They also find a cute small dog they name Scamp. The only odd thing is they only see him in times of stress. Mrs “M”, the housekeeper, has never seen him nor have the other two adults.

This short tale brings home the separation children of London were subjected to by many well-meaning parents. Some children’s trips didn’t turn out as well as the Lovell’s so they were fortunate. This YA novel will also be enjoyed by adults for the history content alone. Your World History student should read this one.


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