I would say that the Power Trip is kind of like a guilty pleasure.

Aleksandr Kasianenko has a big birthday surprise planned for his mistress, Bianca. He is going to throw a birthday bash on his huge yacht named of course, Bianca. Aleksandr invites five couples: Senator Hammond Patterson and his wife, Sierra; movie star, Cliff Baxter and his lover, Lori; celebrity footballer, Taye Sherwin and his wife, Ashley. Singer, Luca Perez and his boyfriend, Jeromy. And journalist, Flynn and his friend Xuan.

Sergei Zukov is on a vengeful mission to eliminate Aleksandr. Sergei has found out some information regarding the billionaire that has him seeing red. When Sergei finds out that Aleksandr will be taking a trip on his yacht, he sees the perfect opportunity to get his revenge.

When I pick up a Jackie Collins book I know what I am in for. It is a bunch of crazy characters, a soap opera style story line, an ending where almost all of the characters have a happy ending…all rolled up into a quick and mindless read. This is not a bad thing. I always need something that I don’t have to put too much attention into what I am reading and I know that will leave me saying “Ok, Jackie has done it again”.

This book kind of left me disappointed. I found myself wanting to like a few of the characters but I could not stand any of them. Their self-centered images, sexiest behavior, whininess, and plasticness quickly got to me and turned me off. The first 114 pages were spent in explaining each of the couple’s relationships and why some of the couples had motive to want to kill each other. By the time that the couples boarded the yacht, I tried to stick with the book but could not. I flashed forward to when the action started with the pirates. The epilogue sums up the story line in case you missed anything. I would say that the Power Trip is kind of like a guilty pleasure.


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