Mind Games

Fia and Annie are sisters. A sister’s bond is one of the strongest bonds that can not be broken. The sisters attend Keane School. Although this school is not your normal school. Think of it kind of like Xavier’s school for the X-Men only this school is for girls. Fia has not been the perfect student type, so it would figure that she would learn to be an assassin. Annie on the other hand plays be the rules. Fia wants to get away and be free. Unfortunately she has to care for Annie. Their bond will be tested. I have been excited about all the new young adult books that have come out recently. Some of my favorite authors have picked up on the wave as well and have written series. What I like about this genre is that the books can go more fantasy or the book or series can have very relatable characters that make me want to follow them on their journey. I did not get the relatable characters from this book and the fantasy aspect was alright but not as well written or portrayed. Annie seemed weak and feeble minded. Where as Fia was strong. This one sidedness od Fia being the only strong character can only carry the story so far. I wanted Annie to grow and be just as strong a character as Fia but this did not happen. Another aspect of this book that drove me crazy is the “flow”. It was bumpy and did not flow as smoothly from present to past or Fia’s voice to Annie’s voice. Even though the start of each chapter told me if it was the past or present or Fia or Annie talking, I still got confused a few times. Also, it seemed that Fia and Annie never really aged from the past to the present. There will be a follow up book but I am not sure that I will read it.


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