The Next Time You See Me is a killer good time of a read!

Emily is considered a freak at school. Thus this is why Emily loves to be by herself. To do that Emily takes walks through the woods. During one of Emily’s many trips into the woods she finds a body. Emily knows she should tell her parents but she decides to keep the body her own secret. She wants to have something special.

Susanna is a school teacher at Emily’s school. Her sister Ronnie has been missing for a week.

Wyatt lives on Emily’s street. He usually keeps to himself. However Wyatt is hiding a secret that is killer.

I really enjoy when a book that I hope will be good does turn out to be good. This is what happened to me when I read The Next Time You See Me. This book is a very fast read. One that I almost devoured. The characters and the story came alive. My only complaint that I had with this book was that I felt that Emily’s story was the weakest. This and the fact that Emily was such a pushover had me screaming at her to stand up more for herself. I don’t know what Emily saw in Christopher. He was a bully. However by the end of the book I actually felt sorry for the killer. The Next Time You See Me is a killer good time of a read!


Marce said…
Cheryl, this does sound like a great thriller. Is it a YA one though?

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