Hunting Daylight

Jude and Caro are in desperate need of money. The cost of blood does not come cheap. This is why Jude is going to take the job that the Al-Din Corporation has offered him. A thirty one day expedition in Africa. Something happens and Jude disappears. Jude has been gone so long that he is declared dead.

Caro and her daughter, Vivi try to get on with their lives. They are doing well until a vampire comes looking for them. Raphael, a vampire friend comes to Caro and Vivi’s aid. As time passes, Caro and Raphael start developing feelings for each other.

Meanwhile across the world, a vampire lies dying from a disease. One that makes the vampire susceptible to daylight.

I have not read the first book, Acquainted with the Night. Although, I have seen the book around. Having said this, I had no trouble reading this book. In fact, I would have to say I enjoyed the vampires in this book. The vampires felt real to me. Like the type that could actually exist and be living among us in the present day.

What I also liked about this book is that Cara was not an immortal but only a partial. This added a nice element to the book. Where not all of the characters were full-fledged vampires or vampires and humans.

As soon as Raphael came into the picture more, I could tell where it was going to lead between Caro and Raphael. I thought that they made a good couple. Raphael really cared for Caro and would do anything to protect her. The love scenes between them were not overly sexed up. This was nice.

My only two disappointments with this book were that I thought that it was a bit long. While this is a quick read, the action goes in waves. So this is why I felt that the book could have been shortened up and it still would have been good. My other issue I had with this book was the ending. I thought it was too much like a Disney ending. Although, I do plan to go back and read book one to get to better understand Caro and Jude’s relationship.


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